We contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout our entire value chain, from raw material production to our customer relationships.

The 17 global sustainability goals defined by the organisation pave the way for sustainable development and provide a framework for what we as a company can and must achieve to warrant successful operations in the future. Due to our broad positioning and multi-layered business model, we ultimately focus on all goals.

Since the first day of our establishment, we have been protecting natural resources and the environment while continuing to contribute to the economy of our country. We are based on circular economy and innovation-based sustainable production model. We contribute to efforts to combat climate change. We continue our economic growth with an understanding that is people-oriented, based on the values of integrity and honesty, realising investments and social responsibility projects for social benefit.


As Technocast, we believe that development can only be successful if a balance can be established between economic, social and environmental aspects and actions can be taken accordingly. With this belief and the awareness of our responsibilities, we take Sustainability into account in all our practices, activities and decision-making mechanisms by linking it with corporate governance principles.

“We are passionate about leading the transformation of Sustainability in our industry. By contributing to the sustainability journey of our stakeholders, we are doing projects that will build the future together.”


At Technocast, we define sustainability as providing long-term value in financial, environmental, social and ethical terms for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees and society.

Our sustainability approach is based on three building blocks:

  • Sustainable supply,
  • Sustainable operations and
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

As Technocast, environmental impacts play a key role for the continuity of our sustainability activities. Climate change and declining resources significantly affect water supply.

Therefore, combating the climate crisis is among our top priorities. We also prioritise local development while contributing to economic growth and employment around the factory site where we operate.

With this approach in all related issues, it is aimed to create lasting value, protect natural resources, invest in people, actively evaluate risks and opportunities, and continuously increase the added value foreseen to be created for stakeholders.


People are at the centre of our business. Technocast considers talent development as the most important element that carries the business forward. In this context, by investing in the development of employees, a fair working environment that values diversity is provided and employee satisfaction is increased. With the principle of “safety first”, all operations are carried out with a zero work accident and occupational disease approach.

We support everyone to have equal opportunities through an inclusive corporate culture. We will continue to raise awareness and improve the opportunities we offer to women so that gender equality is adopted by all our employees and stakeholders.

The main focus areas of our Gender Equality Programme:

  • Increasing the influence of women in decision-making roles
  • Improving work-life balance
  • Increasing women’s access to non-traditional jobs
  • Maintaining a non-sexist language of communication
  • To prevent activities that may prevent women’s participation in the labour force together with all our stakeholders

The proportion of women working as senior managers, white-collar and blue-collar employees in the facilities operating within Technocast is approximately 47%.


Technocast places particular importance on research, technology development and digitalisation studies in order to increase its competitive advantage in the global arena and to ensure sustainability and excellence in all its processes with its R&D centre, which started operations in 2017.

Literature and material researches for the use of Bio-Based Polymer in some parts of the products that are currently being manufactured have been completed and the stage of sample studies and trials has been reached. With the positive results to be obtained, all parts for which Bio-Based raw material can be used will be evaluated.

In a model selected from the vacuum cleaner product group, the original plastic raw material usage rate was changed to 90% recycled raw material. Energy and water savings were achieved by removing the painting process in the product.

“We are determined to do our share for a more sustainable tomorrow. For this reason, we place great importance on all kinds of suggestions and contributions to be provided by you, our valuable stakeholders, to our sustainability journey. Our goal is to build a better tomorrow together.”

2022 Sustainability Report