Our Social Compliance Policy

This policy undertakes that Technocast Otomotiv Ticaret San. ve Tic.  A.Ş will fulfil all its responsibilities for a better future. 
» Working Children (Underage Workers): Not employ anyone under the age of 16 in the framework of their healthy development and respect for their right to education, act in line with procedures and principles concerning employment of young workers, take into consideration minimum age determined in national and international legislation except for compulsory cases such as interns and apprentices  and employ them in line with law,    
» Recruitment: Accepting that company rules and harmony with social responsibility conditions of the company will be accepted as a required and important criterion as well as technical and vocational knowledge of employees in recruitment in order to ensure continuity of ethics criteria of the company, the non-discrimination and prevention of abuse-mistreatment policies mentioned below will be valid starting from recruitment stage,   

» Raising Awareness of Employees: Believing that the basis of social harmony lies with employees with awareness, informing employees at certain periods during recruitment stage and employment on their personal benefits, company rules, working conditions to raise awareness levels of employees,
» Working Hours: Following rules and regulations in force regarding working hours and overtime periods due to respect for work efficiency and human rights,      

» Salaries and Payments: Payment of the minimum fee based on the minimum wage whereby employees can meet their living expenses, ensuring it does not fall below the minimum wage and
overtime payments are made according to what is stipulated in the law, 

» Respecting Laws and Other Obligations: Following rules of international social responsibility formations fulfilling laws and regulations in force,        

» Non-Discrimination: Based on all employees having equal rights, no discrimination would be made in recruitment, compensation, access to training, promotion or termination or retirement based on race, social class, ethnicity, sex or political relationships  would not be in question,   

» Communication: Believing that success is based on healthy education, carrying out practices towards keeping connections of employees among themselves and with managers always alive, form good relationships between employees and managers and ensuring continuity of these relationships,

» Prevention of Abuse and Mistreatment: Ensuring there are no verbal, physical, psychological abuse or compulsion for a peaceful working environment and ensuring employees are happy at work,         

» Forced and Compulsory Labor: Absence of contractually obligatory or debt-based work and ensuring work is voluntary,      
» Diversity and Inclusion: Our values are based on respect. Respect for ourselves, our values, diversity, and our future. Therefore, making no gender, religion, language, race-based discrimination among employees, aware of value given to cultural and personal differences and the value of differences and diversity of employees will add,       

» Supplier Management: Assessing all national and global supply alternatives to be competitive in both domestic and foreign markets, prioritizing the supplies in close proximity, supporting social harmony activities of supplier companies with the belief that all suppliers have equal responsibility,  

» Occupational Health and Safety: Accepting humans as the most precious being in all activities, creating a safer and healthier work environment to minimize all possible losses as a priority, organizing training to raise awareness on individual responsibilities of all employees on the subject, taking into account and fulfilling local laws, regulations, and principles on Occupational Health and Safety together with Technocast Otomotiv standards and rules, creating a communication setting where all employees can work in line with Occupational Health and Safety  policy and raise awareness on relevant activities, determine occupational health and safety hazards that might arise from activities of our institution to decrease these hazard risks to acceptable levels and maintain at those levels,              
» Environment: Determining awareness of employees as priority focus area to realize all environmental practices successfully, providing and using water and energy in a sensitive and
responsible way, ensuring effective waste management to minimize the wastes arising from our products and services, including the processes from supply to use,

» Training: Organizing noncorporate trainings to raise occupational health and safety awareness of employees while supporting their professional and personal developments, ensuring continuous development of the company through development of employees through the  organized trainings.