R&D Center


In 2017, in line with strategic priorities, our Technocast R&D centre started its activities in order to manage our innovation activities in the fields of small domestic appliances, automotive and medical from a single centre.

Technocast places particular importance on research, technology development and digitalisation studies in order to increase its competitive advantage in the global arena with its R&D centre and to ensure sustainability and excellence in all its processes.

Projects are developed for innovative and value-added products through research that covers market and customer needs, technical specifications and new technologies.

In-house mechanical design and engineering studies, 3D design with CAD software and revisions on the actual appearance of the product contribute to product development processes.

  • R&D Center
    Patents (TPMK and INTERNATIONAL)

    7 Applications, 2 Registrations

  • R&D Center
    Utility Model (TPMK and INTERNATIONAL)

    3 Applications, 3 International Registrations, 5 Approvals/registrations before TPMK

  • R&D Center
    Design (TPMK)

    All of our 27 design applications have been registered.

R&D Process

  • Researches covering market and customer needs, technical specifications and new technologies
  • Research and project development for innovative and value-added products

Engineering / Mechanical Design

  • In-house Mechanical Design Development
  • Engineering and Supplier / Solution Finding

Industrial & Electronic Design

  • 3D Design with CAD software
  • Actual appearance of the product
  • Revisions on the design
  • Mechanical Design and Engineering