Our Environmental Policy

With reference to “clean, healthy, and high-quality production” motto we adopted as Technocast Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, in all our works we accept protection and improvement of the environment we live in under the leadership of senior management as a part of our job. We give direction to our activities with this understanding and take action according to the following principles: 
» We are committed to develop methods, set targets and prepare management programs to create a Sustainable Environment System and ensure its continuous improvement,      
» Fulfil provisions of national and international legislation and legal regulations on environment,         
» Ensure clean and healthy environment is transferred to the future generations,         
» Use Energy and Natural Resources efficiently to decrease our waste to a minimum level,     
» Minimize creation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in all our activities to dispose of waste in safe methods, present means of recycling and reuse,              
» Support continuous improvement and development activities towards environment,          
» Determine risks regarding emergency environment-related cases and conducting activities to decrease such risks,   
» Conducting efforts with all our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to raise awareness on the environment,
Therefore, managing Environment Management System activities in our businesses to secure and efficient use of the required resources for environmental management.         

These principles will be announced to the public through means of communication and public opinion will be received. The management will consistently follow-up application of the Environment policy and targets it undertakes.