Quality & Certificates

As Technocast; our understanding of quality is based on a quality-oriented approach in everything we do. The focus of our understanding of quality is to develop a sustainable business model with all our stakeholders.

With this understanding, we have integrated and certified our system in the focus of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Management standards and aimed to exhibit a “Quality Assurance” oriented approach in all our activities.


In order to ensure quality in production, lean production techniques (Kaizen, Poka Yoke, TPM, 5S, SMED, Problem Solving Techniques, Jidoka etc…) are applied in our production lines. Fault prevention systems, automation solutions and continuous improvement activities used in our sites are carried out by our qualified engineering staff.

In our production lines, 100% aesthetic control, functional and safety tests as well as additional tests and controls are carried out upon customer demand to ensure production at high quality standards.

The activities carried out within the scope of quality assurance are precisely monitored and traceability is ensured from the supplier to the customer.

  • Incoming Quality Control,
  • Process Control,
  • Final Control,
  • Tests,
  • Supplier Quality Management

Thanks to our well-equipped laboratory infrastructure, all controls and tests before design, production and shipment are carefully performed, recorded and reported by our Quality team.

We are able to perform many controls and tests related to the products we produce in our R&D and Quality laboratories, which have a technologically strong infrastructure:

  • Raw Material Tests,
  • Surface Inspection & Coating Measurement Tests,
  • Dimensional Measurement,
  • Life Tests,
  • Performance Tests,
  • Function Tests,
  • Electrical Safety Tests

Our products are designed, approved and certified according to the legal requirements of international markets and customer-specific certification demands.