Our Water Policy

Next to the “clean, healthy, and high-quality production” motto we adopted as Technocast Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, we integrate sustainability approach in all our activities under the leadership of senior management towards United Nations Sustainable Development Targets. We direct our activities aware of the major effect of water in our lives and take action based on the following principles;

Following all legal requirements regarding water in the country we are in, conducting activities in the framework of Articles 6 and 14 of United Nations Sustainable Development Targets, Following national and international legal regulations and efficiency strategies regarding water to determine water strategies and targets,

Developing action plans towards effective use and protection of water in the scope of environmental impact-dimension assessment activities,

Conducting social responsibility activities on water,

Accepting everybody’s right of accessing and using clean water to avoid all polluting activities that might damage,

Conducting efficiency studies to prevent unnecessary and overuse of water,

Conducting activities for continuous improvement of water monitoring and recovery systems,

Raising environmental awareness of all our stakeholders,

Minimizing water-related effects during lifecycle of product,

We undertake to integrate our Quality, Environment, and Occupational Safety Management System activities with our sustainability approach in our businesses to secure provision and effective use of required sources.

These principles shall be announced to the public using means of communication and will be open to public feedback. The management will be consistently monitoring application of Water policy and targets it undertook.