Our Capabilities


In 2017, in line with strategic priorities, our Technocast R&D centre started its activities in order to manage our innovation activities in the fields of small domestic appliances, automotive and medical from a single point.

Technocast places particular importance on research, technology development and digitalisation studies in order to increase its competitive advantage in the global arena with its R&D centre and to ensure sustainability and excellence in all its processes.

Projects are developed for innovative and value-added products through research that covers market and customer needs, technical specifications and new technologies.

Product development projects are carried out using 3D/CAD software in mechanical design and engineering processes.

Proje Yönetimi

Technocast, with 20 years of experience in the sector, brings customers’ projects to life with its competent product development, R&D and production teams.

In addition, with OEM/ODM projects, it provides end-to-end service to the needs of customers in all processes from design to assembly.

In addition to appliances of floor care, hot beverage preparation and the production and design of kitchen appliances, the end-to-end battery production system has also been put into operation.


Tool Shop
– Inhouse Toolshop,
– 24/7 maintenance by an experienced team
– Annual production capacity of 100 moulds

– 35 robot automated presses between 35T to 700T
– 4.500 tons Plastic Processing Capacity/year

– 4xRobot Automated Plastic Painting Lines
– Electrostatic Powder Coating Line for Metal Part

– 4 Color Pad Printing
– PVD Coating
– Hot Stamping

– 12x Assembly Lines
– 3 million SDA Production Capacity/year

Kalite Yönetimi

As Technocast; our understanding of quality is based on a quality-oriented approach in everything we do. The focus of our understanding of quality is to develop a sustainable business model with all our stakeholders.

With this understanding, we have integrated and certified our system in the focus of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & ISO quality management 45001 Management standards and aimed to exhibit a “Quality Assurance” oriented approach in all our activities.

In order to ensure quality in production, lean production techniques (Kaizen, Poka Yoke, TPM, 5S, SMED, Problem Solving Techniques, Jidoka etc…) are applied in our production lines. Fault prevention systems, automation solutions and continuous improvement activities used in our sites are carried out by our qualified engineering staff.


Battery Pack Design & Production

We offer end-to-end battery pack solutions for different sectors with following processes.

  • BMS (Battery Management Systems)
  • Embedded Software
  • Circuit Design

We design, produce, test, research and develop battery packs in-house.

The software and hardware of the BMS card included in the battery pack were developed in a unique way.

The package includes the Li-ion battery, the plastic carcass in which the batteries are placed and the BMS card.

Original designs specific to the product and the needs of the product are created and redesigned.